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Beat of Integrity: Beatific Brilliance of Proklaim's 'RIGHTEOUS'

Back at spitting moments of truth with his crisp rap verses, Proklaim is back on grind with his latest release,'Righteous'! Born out of the urge to create something extraordinary, 'Righteous' is a track about the ethoes that one requires to reach at any stepping stone in their life. A solo artist and songwriter who's on the verge of creating unique experiences via his sound, Proklaim derives his musical influence from legends in the game, like Jay Z, Lauryn Hill, Big Punisher and Notorious Big to name a few. Reminding us to stay in the present, let's dive into the beatscapes of Proklaim's 'Righteous'!


A track that serves as a remark to the ways of living life, this serves as a moment of clarity, with Proklaim guiding the listeners how to sail through this boat of life regardlesss of the ups and downs.

'Righteous' is a track about resurrecting notions that all of us have about life, that cloud our vision for a supposed 'happy' life. Happiness in life comes mostly from the things that are free, and it is crucial to understand this in this materialistic world that we live in. This track also tries to remind you how we must take one day at a time, and must give it our all since all of us just have one life with us. Proklaim also remarkably sheds light on how he aims to create an atmosphere of love and positivity by helping the ones in need, the ones around him, and tries to embrace his rap journey so far.

Test this voracious melody down below -

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