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Aurora Jazzalis: Unlock the Ethereal Pulses of The Carrie Armitage Quartet's debut EP!

Dive into the kaleidoscopic radiance of The Carrie Armitage Quartet's self-titled EP! What supposedly is a magnetic exchange of energy, this project emerged as a ray of hope to Carrie when she found that she needed to channel a new aura to work. After relentless discussions with the maestro Gary Craig, Carrie finally carved out the ingrained rhythmic tendencies present on this album. Carrie also mentions how with the drummer Garry and bassist Mitch Starkman she felt confident enough to elevate her creativity. Without any further ado let's experience the magic of this album!

Carrie Armitage from The Carrie Armitage Quartet
Carrie Armitage from The Carrie Armitage Quartet

Every beat in the quartet feels like an amalgamation of many, thereby making you transcend into a multiverse of musical madness.

We begin this ecstatic journey with the dramatic hard-hitting synths of 'Ambient Orbit'. This legitimately feels luxurious, as if you've stepped foot in a parallel universe with unlimited possibilities. It's radiant, and fresh and comprises smooth-gliding instruments that go together as though they were bread and jam. Then we elope into the exotic aurora of 'The Dreaming Light'. This feels like a drop of sunshine and is very energetic, vibey and fun to listen to. 'Planet 9' on the contrary infuses a sense of profound mystery into the themes of the album, thereby feeling like a peculiar element of grace shining upon us.

Then we navigate through the ethereal peripherals of 'The Crystal Forest'. This track is outrageously surreal, pure and mischievous. We dwell in this soft serenade with a hint of nostalgia. 'Figments' feels like a rush of oxytocin down the spine of listeners, as it is fresh, luxurious and super enchanting. Next up, 'Heartbreak Potential' is a track that brings us back to the hard-hitting realities of life, as if we're made to wake up from a dreamscape forcefully.

The moods of the album become furthermore groovier with the tracks 'Nightingale' and 'ORBIT L2' which carry polar opposite essences to each other. Where the former is a bit relaxed and let loose, 'ORBIT L2' feels like an electric rock paradise. Then we enter into the dreamy shimmers of 'Star Men', which feels like a break into the intergalactic space. We experience the beauty of piano, pacifying flute and vibrancy of acoustics all in one.

The theme of the album gets a bit more intense with the advent of bass-driven melodies 'Nocturne' and 'Long Shadows', which add a sense of maturity to the soundscapes we've witnessed so far. Creativity peaks yet again with the nirvana notions of 'As The Crow Flies', which is dark yet subtly vivid in its way and could have a plethora of meanings attached to it.

One truly experiences life in its purest colors and forms with the melodies 'Flying Colors' and 'Aria Vespertine', which carry a majestic aura to them which is unparalleled to any of the other tracks in the album. Last but not least, it is during the tune 'Natural World' that we experience a uniformity of musical motion, and witness the synthetic elements of the sound elope into nothingness. Overall, I think that is an exclusive experience on its own and can be relished by almost anyone who's into music.

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