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Aurora Amour: Lullabys of Love of 'West' By Ki To ft. Delorians

Dive into the ecstatically calm realms of Ki To's latest musical ensemble with the Delorians, 'West'! Hailing from San Francisco, Ki To is soon about to become the voice for many fashion and beauty magazines and campaigns, like GMARO magazine and Benefit Cosmetics. Delorians, the musical maestro hailing from Jakarta, is an extremely profound music producer with more than 100,000 monthly listeners. A track that initially was a blank canvas, this was perfected further with the hints of magic from Delorians. Let's unravel this mystique-infused single!

Ki To
Ki To

Washing you away with the divine themes of love, this whirlpool of tropical hues will surely make you catch a flight of serotonin.

It is an insanely pragmatic song that typically captures the luring and sombre essence of peace and serenity that one experiences while living on an island. This makes listeners almost envision themselves in a dreamscape of a cosy corner of the beach, during a warm and delightful sunset. Capturing emotions like newfound love, eroticism, nostalgia and a unique deja vu, almost makes you catch butterflies. A track that one would want to bust to after a date with a stranger has gone too well, building up fragile intimidation for someone.

Test this magical melody down below -

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