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Aural Ascendance: Love's Mystical Embrace through Bliss Carmxn's 'Big Enough'

Bliss Carmxn is back in the music scene with his brand new release, 'Big Enough'! What if the musical geniuses of Daft Punk, Paul Simon and Marina were packaged as one? We'd have Bliss as the result! A multi-talented visionary with a diverse artistic background, Bliss is a songwriter, performer, dancer and everything magical you can imagine him to be. His artistry comprises unhinged alt-pop with hints of electro, folk, country and disco, and explores themes like love, loss, desire, ambition, kinship and many more. With his debut EP that is about to air soon, let's witness the euphoric symphonies of Bliss Carmxn's sound!

Bliss Carmxn
Bliss Carmxn

Serving a mirror to the realism of gratitude and deeply loving someone, this feels like an ode to immersively falling in love and yearning for somone, and is angelic at every point.

The feeling of falling in love could mean different things to different people. Sometimes we might ponder over the fact that we're not doing enough to express our love for someone, but if it's true love they'll know it, and we wouldn't have to repeatedly prove a point to them.'Big Enough' feels like a testament to Bliss's true love, where it adorably describes how even the little things they do, and even if they don't do anything, their presence is something he is extremely grateful for. Sounding almost raw and vulnerable, this is a lovestruck piano ballad that'll almost make your heart melt.

Test this soul-stirring melody down below -

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