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Aural Ambition: Chromatic Climbs and Funkadelic Interventions of Sam Feinstein's 'Maslow's Mountain'

Wishing to explore the side of funk in rock? Sam Feinstein's 'Maslow's Mountain' is the perfect moment of disco funk for you! As someone who draws inferences for his art from legends like Frank Zappa, Tom Waits and The Eurythmics. Sam, a bassist originating from San Jose, California has also served for musical acts like The Monitors and has been recognised from radio shows like Magic Key FM, Free 99, Phonic FM and many more. A moment of nostalgia from the 80s and Eurovision songs from the early 2000s let's witness funk extravaganza in 'Maslow's Mountain'!

Sam Feinstein
Sam Feinstein

With an auspiciously pragmatic bassline, 'Maslow's Mountain' feels like a moment of epic storytelling meeting elements of cinema and those two meeting the crazy funks of the 80s disco moments!

Following the success of his last release 'Hamster Wheel', this is a fast-paced synth rock song that derives its prime inferences from Eurovision. Almost retrieving clarity on the the struggles of trying to achieve moments of self-actualization in this world clouded by information overflow, this tune highlights how in this day and age, even basic amenities like food, healthcare and shelter have to be earned, and how achieving them holistically feels like an achievement, focusing on the fullfillings of not just these objectives but also motivating us to constantly strive forward in this race of life.

Test this groovy melody down below -

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