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Amplifying the Abstracts of 'My Favourite Song' by Arn-Identified Objects and Alien Friends

Arn-Identified Objects and Alien Friends
Arn-Identified Objects and Alien Friends

'My Favourite Tune' is yet another latest song under the umbrella of the project 'Arn-Identified Objects and Alien Friends'.Emerging from Swedish band Redmoon, Arn-Identified Objects and Alien Friends is a solo project launched with disco pastiche Suck in the summer of 2020. The project is an exploration of re-imagining music of the 1970s and 1980s and re-contextualizing it with modern production and aesthetics. It is a blend of love for the past and the present, combining the melodic hooks and beats of yesteryear with the electronic sounds of today. It soft-launched with three singles followed in 2021, culminating with the release of the double-album 17 BIRDS AT THE SUMMER'S GATE. In 2022, three more singles were launched, and amongst them was a heartfelt cover of the old 'Terry Gilkyson' tune 'Cry of the Wild Goose'. A new full-length album, NO SWEETS FOR E, was released on the 12th of May.

Arn-Identified Objects and Alien Friends provide a fresh take on vintage music, creating a unique sound that is both nostalgic and modern. The project has gained a positive reception from fans and critics alike and is set to continue to explore new sonic territory.

Its uncanny lyricism and bold music elevate the song to a pedestal of uniqueness. By blending sound from trumpets, guitars, and electric guitars into a fine melody, 'My favourite song' captures the essence of the album 'NO SWEETS FOR E' very vividly. The catchy and bubbly rhythm that this song carries adds a certain soulful and cheerful feel. It is sure to get you humming and dancing along with its beats. It's a must-listen for anyone who loves alt-rock music's weird energy and is an excellent way to complement the album. The album 'NO SWEETS FOR E' brings together elements of power pop, folk and indie rock. However, although many of the songs might be rooted in the sixties and seventies musical soil, there's no nostalgia here. The lyrics are heartfelt, poetic, and sometimes ironic, but mostly beautiful, infused with a hint of contemporary and always honest.

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