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An Electrifying Musical Journey - 'Press On' by Brian Olson

Brian Olson
Brian Olson

'Press On' by Brian Olson is an electrifying musical journey to heaven. Olson is an US-based singer-songwriter & have had been playing guitar since he was a kid. Olson paused his musical journey, while raising his two daughters, but he came back with a bang. While his daughters are grown up now, Olson's passion & desire for music grew, as well.

'Press on' is like a canvas, left blank for the listeners to project their own narrations.

Right from the first chord, 'Press On' promises to deliver something electrifying. The guitar riffs teleport us in a state of curiosity and goosebumps. The scintillating mix of bassline & guitars boosts up the atmosphere, showering vibrant energy. It's been a while since I heard vocals go so well alongside instruments, giving old school rock vibes. The vocal range is mesmerizing; there's a slight rawness to Olson's voice and it sounds surreal. The chorus is thoughtful & it doesn't shy away from striking fire in the heart. Olson wrote the lyrics of the song in a song creation challenge, put on by platinum winning producer, 'Bradley Denniston.' The lyrics are although written under a stressful given deadline, it still speaks out loud about hope, resilience & focus when the going gets tough & life, morose. There's amazing rhythm and flow to the track that keep the listeners hooked.

'Press on' confirms the musical influence of Brian Olson with the likes of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Ozzy. As 'Olson' sums up the song with a beautiful quote, "If you focus on the problem, you get more problems but if you focus on solutions, you get more solutions."

Check out the electrifying track down below -



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