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Alt-Rock Echoes of Insecurity: The Identity Whispers of The Mars McClanes's 'Until You Lose'

Devouring alt-rock necrophilia, alt-rock and funk forger The Mars McClanes hails yet again with their latest release,' Until You Lose'! A band hailing from Portland, The Mart McClanes initially stepped foot as a band in Dallas, Texas. With their unique sound emerging from the soundscapes of alt-country and indie rock, their music is full of unpredictability. As a collective that started their musical journey from a well-known country bar, they derive inspiration from legends like Old 97s, The Rolling Stones and Beck.

The Mars McClanes
The Mars McClanes

A rusty, deep yet fierce melody avenging from the shackles of alt-rock, this tune forces one to face the music of life's truths loud and clear.

A track about the imposter syndrome - this uncovers the dark truths of humanity, this brings to light that one gets blinded by fame and prosperity, little knowing that all of it is going to fade away into the depths of reality until people see the real you, your true colours. With its surreal lyricism and electric guitar power-throughs, this alt-rock sonic wildfire urges the individual to rise above and beyond their truths and to stop taking things for granted.

Test this electrifying melody down below -

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