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A mellow ride through the river of heartbreak: 'Loved By You'!

The Kyle Jordan Project

Rising from the magical music landscape of Victoria, British Columbia, The Kyle Jordan Project is a three-piece band weaving together symphonies of rock. Kyle Jordan, the first piece, is a multi-talented artist with hands swaying from the thumping beats of drums to the wonderous strums of guitars. Followed by the imprisoning vocal performances of Greg Van Kerkhof and Katie Burke, The Kyle Jordan Project has made its way into the musical industry and can surely be expected to rise to great heights. The ever-growing collective create the most beautiful harmonies with shades of blues, country, rock, and folk influences blended amidst their original work.

Dwindling with the sentiments of love and sadness, this soft sounding symphony swoons you off your feet as the emotive vocals ignite in you a fire of blues.

The Kyle Jordan Project mark their debut into the sonic world with an astounding soundtrack titled 'Loved By You'. The creation evokes in you a train load of emotions, hypnotizing you to travel back through time into the pool of woe and sorrow you have brewing deep inside your heart. Every bar of the track corresponds with vocals ever so smoothly giving a once in a lifetime experience.

Stream the swift melody down below:

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