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81db's Latest Single, 'A Little Game Called War' Will Blow Your Minds Away!


81db is an Italian Alternative/Progressive Metal band who are known for their power packed creations which will compel you to mosh! The band finished their first demo CD at the beginning of November 2006 and released 'Evaluation' on 20th March 2009 for Orion's Belt Records and was published by EMI publishing in Italy. The band's discography displays 2 albums, 2 singles and an EP which are all so good that you'll surely be hooked!

81db A little game called war

I recently discovered this amazing band through their latest release which is a single named 'A Little Game Called War'. As the name suggests, the track overflows power and energy. The intricate guitar riffs and impactful drums is what makes this track even more special. The vocals compliment the whole vibe of the track and creates the perfect environment for The Little Game called War! Surely a track to explore if you're into Heavy rock tracks filled with energy!

Test the Melody yourself down here-


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