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Zephyr & Sycophant by Arson Whales is winning the hearts of indie music enthusiasts

The four-piece indie band, Arson Whales hails from Sacramento CA. It is Linda Brancato, Brad Penner, Joe Kimberlin, and Stephen Linn. After their recent release of the album, Galactopus the live shows have gone crazy making the single 'Zephyr and Sycophant' a crowd favorite. The moody tones set by the band Arson Whales preserve its beauty from Linda Brancato’s voice which shines with sincerity, confidence, and charisma, immediately drawing the listener and retaining the attention till closure.

Zephyr & Sycophant

"Zephyr & Sycophant" sparkles with a rare artistic magic that stays with you long after.

“Zephyr & Sycophant” is an indie melody that transports listeners to a different state of mind into peaceful transcendence. This song is a vehicle of reflection on trust, confidence, and carrying no constraints. This track which feels fresh and exciting has been a crowd favourite in their live shows. Not a surprise for such an uplifting and psychedelic track to have qualities such as quirky guitar melodies, smooth and enchanted vocals, with precision of funky chord progressions.

Their attention to detail, performance, and production has resulted in a well-crafted and memorable single. It showcases the band’s talent and creativity, leaving listeners eager to dive even deeper into their album, 'Galactopus'. This song is for any mood or occasion.

This has transitions between different sections, creating a captivating listening experience from start to end. Whether you’re a devoted indie rock fan or simply someone who appreciates well-crafted and energetic music, “Zephyr And Sycophant” is a track you should not miss out on.

Test the tune down here-



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