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Xenia Weaves A Spellbinding Vibe With 'SUNSHINE IN JULY'


Xenia Is a dream-pop artist who is known for her intricate musical skills that she soulfully intertwines with her delicate, dreamy voice. Her music will surely touch your soul and make your heart melt. Most of her tracks speak the language of love with beauty. Her tracks are bound to take you on a heartfelt musical exploration that will touch and play the deepest strings of your heart. If you love to listen to tracks that are rich in musicality, this might be the perfect match for you!

"Xenia will teleport you back to the day you fell in love!"

I recently discovered this amazing artist through her latest track 'SUNSHINE IN JULY' which is a heartfelt track that explores vivid emotions through heartfelt lyrics. As soon as I played the track, a chill went down my spine with the lyrics "I will always remember you". The track packs some amazing instrumentation that perfectly justifies the vibe of the track. Beautiful melodies evoke ecstatic emotions in the heart of the listener. This is surely an artist you'll love to explore if you've ever fallen in love. Do give her tracks a spin, you'll be hooked for life!

Test the Melody Down Here-

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