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Wreckless Strangers keeping their listeners on the edge of discovery with Orange Sky Dream

An impromptu jam session in 2016 laid the foundation of Wreckless Strangers, a band of six talented musicians hailing from the Bay Area: Amber Morris on vocals; David Noble, the lead guitarist; Joshua Zucker on bass; Austin de Lone, Elvis Costello, The Fabulous on keys, vocals; Mick Hellman on drums and vocals; and Rob Andreson on guitar. Over the course of seven years, this band has created three original singles and graced many stage shows. Wreckless Strangers skillfully blends blues, R&B, Americana, and rock ‘n’ roll making the familiar feel unfamiliar and new. Their forthcoming single, “Orange Sky Dream” was produced by Dave Way, a 4-time GRAMMY award-winning producer.

Wreckless Strangers
The rhythm speaks and the message thrives in retro, that’s Orange Sky Dream.

“Orange Sky Dream” is a new EP by Wreckless Strangers, teaming up with 4 times GRAMMY award-winning producer Dave Way (Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Sheryl Crow, Phoebe Bridges, Moonalice). The EP derives its name from the band’s aspiration to throw light on the environmental disasters that planet Earth is facing, particularly in California, where wildfire in Francisco caused Orange skies in 2020. The EP is a unique one wrapping its focus in a beautiful retro feel. 

Orange Sky Dreams delves into a spectrum of themes ranging from women's empowerment to spreading brotherhood in this world that is fragmented. The message is interwoven into the fabric of the album using the threads of guitar, captivating beats and the amalgamation of R&B, Americana and rock ‘n’ roll. Amber Morris, the lead vocalist, expresses that this album encapsulates an assortment of experiences that gracefully transcend from the personal to the universal themes creating a profound musical experience. The album is a harmony with a cause, with lyrics that leave an indelible impact on our minds; an album that towers over its notes. Every song in this album is a journey with a message. It is a complete sonic experience, to say the least.

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