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Wistful Waves: Mixing the Vintage in Garage Rock with Cormac Liotta's 'I Brought New Pedal'

Cormac Liotta returns to the masses with yet another summery tune compilation, 'I Brought A New Pedal' It's too hard to ignore! Hailing from Los Angeles, Cormac emerges as a musician and a producer whose artistry is full of wise tunes that hit differently. For this album, he approached Sunset Blvd from his digs in Hollywood and brought a new pedal. Released on April Fool's Day, this is simply an EP about the same and is full of colorfully hazed pop-rock that would make the listeners reminisce about early 2000s musical hits like those of Fountains of Wayne and Jimmy Eat World. Let's give it up for the psychedelic bangers of Cormac Liotta! 

Cormac Liotta
Cormac Liotta

Had-hitting soundscapes and witty lyrics, this addictive album is the peak of musical infatuation and love-struck hysteria all of us go through. 

We begin this soul-stirring journey with the distorted notions of 'Olive.'. This starts with him confessing how his infatuation for her has increased to a level where she comes into his dreams. This is almost sultry, emotive and the epitome of suspense a garage rock track could ever witness. This is bound to make your heart throb. 'From Horses, He Falls' is yet another witty encounter where he is trying to fathom his pitfalls by glancing at the nostalgia, where he is questioning every forthcoming of his part decisions. A daunting, yet glitched image gets formed inside the minds of listeners when they listen to his fire-forging ballad.

Last but not least, 'New Pedal.' starts with the soul-stirring notions of how he's finally got a new pedal for his guitar and tries to make a point about how substance-deprived our generation is of love that it is all they ever seek in songs, poems, or any means of art. 'new Pedal.' is a pock-rock banger with notions full of yearning, an eagerness to evolve and a sunken desire to love themselves. Overall, this EP would make you disappear into the glooms of lockdown, and is the right amount of summery, dreamy and relatable for our generation! I would recommend the masses to give it a listen! 

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