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Wilderness Wails: Hard Rock's Resounding Rebellion Against Nature's Adversities with Gary Dranow's 'Mother Is Angry'!

With his ferocious beats and sizzling hot rhymns, Gary Dranow returns to the masses with his latest release,'Mother's Angry'! A spectacular collaborative of masterminds like the multi-talented Gary Drsnow, insturmental pro Chris Zoupa, producer Roman Burda, Kim Apalkov and Roman Kuznetsov, the band has multiple ventures and genre boats they've sailed through in their history, and is definitely onto sparks things up more! Let's give it up for Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions!

Gary Dranow
Gary Dranow

A frivilous release that seems to capture raw essence of rock in the most natural manner possible, this is an absolute fire and an art.

'Mother's Angry' sounds like a warning and a rock-powered siren here to warn you about the devastating pitfalls the environment is going through, sulking down and dirty into the dreadful impacts of climate change and mankind's mistakes. She's burning with rage, and is taking us with her in this massive downfall. Actionable storytelling, classic rock riffs, revamped retro punks and an unhinged undertone of seriousness, this is a bliss in disguise, and frankly, too cool to be a track about saving the planet. Something the masses would instantly get hooked to! So, now we'll leave it upto the listeners to bring the ideas of this marvel to life!

Test this agony-infused melody down below -

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