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When my demons come to light, get ‘em outta my head: rediscover yourself with “These Thoughts”

Danil (Dniel Knieps), a talented queer Indie-Artist, finds inspiration in the quiet lanes of a small Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. He writes, composes, records, and creates his music in the cozy confines of his home studio. 9 songs have been created at his home studio including his first “These Thoughts”. As early as 12 years of age Danil had to battle with the world because of his homosexuality which later resulted in mental health issues. As an artist, Danil enlivens his songs by weaving into them the threads of his own journey that echo the themes of mental health, empowerment, and spirituality found in songs. He describes his music as “gender fluid” as it spreads over a spectrum of elements from various genres framed into catchy indie-pop productions. He is influenced by a wide variety of music styles from the 80s and 90s like grunge, Eurodance, and international pop music which he incorporates in his songs. Danil has only started releasing music this year. In August 2023, Danil was a part of Sounds On The Couch’s “100 Indie Artists Project”. His “These Thoughts” was also a part of the 12 songs on the current international compilation album ‘Independent Discovery Vol. 22 by Sound on The Couch, set to be released on September 8. He aims to connect with his audience and make them a part of his musical journey by having a telling digital presence.


Danil’s “These Thoughts” compel you to break out of your cocoon and take a stroll through memory lane. Break your barriers, Heal your mind!

“These Thoughts” is a moving musical masterpiece that delves into the grooves of Danil’s mental health. By the vehicle of this song, he delves and confronts his inner demons that have been haunting him for ages. He addresses his 12-year-old self in the song and pleads to himself “These thoughts keep draining me; Get ‘em Outta my out of my head”. The lyrics hint at the seasoned impact that bullying at school because of his homosexuality has had on him. By intertwining this with his current struggles, Danil creates this beautiful song that the listeners can relate to. He universalizes mental health through this song. The catchy beats and groovy melodies of the song create a soothing balance between the upbeat rhythm and the intensity of its lyrical content. Danil’s music is truly the voice of the human soul.

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