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When Fate Intervenes: 'Star Crossed' by Makeshift One

Makeshift One
Makeshift One

An impeccable artist with multiple feathers on his cap, Makeshift is yet again prepared to leave a mark on the current musical landscape via his latest release, ‘Star Crossed’! Hailing from the lands of Brisbane, Australia, Makeshift One is indeed the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the hemisphere of music and art. With 20 years of experience and counting, One has been avidly engaged in the industry, whether it is collaboration with multiple artists or touring across states. Makeshift One’s sole point of influence is ‘Life’ and its ongoings, and he evidently aims to speak volumes circling around the ongoing happenings and the present. Having also received the opportunity to branch out and tour around New Zealand as well, they’re noticeably set to make a promising impact.

This R&B and jazz-infused experience strikes a surreal chord, filled with a longing for love and an everlasting sense of nostalgia.

‘Star Crossed is a beautiful narrative that encapsulates the themes of love, particularly speaking volumes about the condition of the right person, wrong timing.’ A condition that feels like the sharp blade of a knife sneering right into one’s neck, this right here is the ultimate peak for a relationship, whether you get through it, or you fall. A moment that feels like destiny turning a blind eye to us, it indeed feels like a setup, a prolonged combined effort of the stars and universe to segregate the two souls away from each other. With such a deeply moving and compelling narrative, ‘Star Crossed’ is on point with providing readers a magnified view, deep into the pain and devastation it’s been written with.

Test this soulful serenade down below -

Makeshift One
Makeshift One



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