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'Watch Out' by KJ Sounds - A whole new level of Kink in Rage

The artist KJ Sounds
The artist KJ Sounds

KJ Sounds releases another power-packed single through his latest 'Watch Out'! Hailing From Poland, KJ Sounds is a singer, songwriter and actor. KJ currently records samples in a homegrown studio with the help of his sister.

A comeback like no other, 'Watch Out' indeed quashes down all the negativity around KJ's Life with a jolt of strong vocals!

Heavily Influenced by renounced artists like Demi Lovato, and Lady Gaga just to label a few, KJ is an independent narrator of truth who aims to thrive in the music industry via his authentic storytelling. With the lyrics "Don't wanna be alone, stop the world from spinning, I'm not drunk my life is", the song mixed and mastered by one of KJ's friends is about how fed up he really became with others' excuses. He was done with all the lies and wanted to be heard. He wanted to make it clear that he was not willing to be the one who suffered in silence anymore. He wanted to be free of the pain that was weighing him down. He bashes out his frustration of being treated less than he deserves.

Give this melody a try down here -

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27 Jun 2023


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