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Wasting Away: Aza Brown's Power Pop Gem for Warm Summer Nights

Aza Brown
Aza Brown

Drawing inspiration from musical legends like Jellyfish, Frank Zappa, The Beatles, and Crowded House, Aza Brown from Chesterfield is reaching new heights! Aza's journey began with The Dazy Age in the mid-90s, gaining fame before their 1997 split. After earning a Music Industry Management degree from Buckinghamshire University in 2000, Aza joined The Chasers, securing the "Band of The Year" title and recording "G-Club E.P." in 2003. Teaming with producer Danny Burton, Aza brings us his captivating solo album "Exennial" to lift spirits after two years of global struggles. With a stellar debut single, Pure Water (April '21), and support from celebrities like Robert Carlyle, Aza Brown is unstoppable.

As long as the rhythm of life persists and the sun rises each day, I know my love for you will never fade..." This power pop gem playfully contradicts its title, providing an irresistibly catchy hook that'll linger long into those warm summer nights.

Wasting Away embodies Aza's dedication to crafting music that carries powerful sentiments while lifting your mood and getting your feet tapping. Ready to grace your summer playlist, stream this feel-good tune now on various platforms. Basking in the glow of star-studded support from Robert Carlyle on Twitter in 2022, it's no wonder Aza's previous hit Sticky Situations drew remixes from eight different producers, sparking not just one but two remix EPs. The overseas exposure has propelled Aza's Spotify streams past a staggering half-a-million milestone in recent weeks. Fasten your seatbelts, as the upcoming F1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone will witness a breathtaking performance by Aza and his band, The WonderWhys. Their unstoppable momentum promises to soar even higher into the stratosphere!

Test the melody down below -



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