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Warrior's Waltz: Thunderous Symphony of Autumn King's 'Sleep When I'm Dead'!

Raising one's confidence and reviving mankind's purpose, Autumn Kings return to the music scene with their brand new release 'Sleep When I'm Dead'! Undeniably impactful, loud and clear, these are all the notions about the wrath of the Autumn Kings, that are too massive to be ignored. Reflecting influences like the legendary Fall Out Boy and Linkin Park directly in their sound, the collective now has over 40 million streams and is a force to be reckoned with. From playing ay Football Night in America, MLB Stadiums and Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert, they're influence is reaching soaring heights and we're here for it! Let's witness the hard rock roars of Autumn Kings!

Autumn Kings
Autumn Kings

Boosting your entire identity, this track is exactly the bit where you realise only working hard can get you somewhere high above, where you truly belong.

Life is brutal to all of us in different ways. But the biggest challenge is to whether you decide to drown in the doubts, questions and allegations, or ignore them and keep your vision aligned for absolute grandeur. Spreading the message that one can be overlooked, disregarded, frowned upon and can yet be indifferent to that hatred. and can rise above it all by working on themselves. With such strong call-to-action narratives, thrashing hard rock synths and creating an urgency of motion, this track will move you from the core and inspire you to not just dream but do big.

Test this voracious melody down below -

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