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War's Requiem: Capturing the Sonic Sorrows in Giardini Oort's 'Dark Thoughts'

Back at creating distinctive waves of sonic impact via his music, Giardini Oort returns to the music scene with its latest release, 'Dark Thoughts'! Giardini Oort is a solo marvel carved by the multi-instrumentalist Andrea "Andy" Para, who has previously served the creative industry as a profound percussionist, by honing talent with instruments like congas, tablas, cajon, drums, guitar, piano and many others. Drawing inspiration from legends like Radiohead, Brain Eno and Trent Reznor to name a few, his sonic works are deeply passionate and captive and reflect on worldly realities like none other.

Cover Art of Giardini Oort's 'Dark Thoughts'
Cover Art of Giardini Oort's 'Dark Thoughts'

An eminent sonic reverberation that reflects seldomly on the epidemics of war and misery, this soundscape might just provide a clarity of thoughts to many.

'Dark Thoughts' is an instrumental tune that accentuates and absorbs the sufferings of wars in the conflict zones in Syria and Gaza. Coming off as mysterious, thrilling, haunting and hysteric, this is overwhelmingly immersive for someone who's constantly in the grasp of information regarding these crossfires. With the Moog Subharmonicon laying the foundation for this, this single creates a 'wall of sound' by extensively capturing the brutal truths of these tragedies. Building up to intensely captive and dense layers of emotions, this also includes elements of childlike innocence through their voices that are stuffed with confusion and curiosity, ending on a haunting refrain of 'don't go', this poignantly indicates the loss and urgency of lives and awareness.

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