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Here's how 'Wake Me Up' by Phillip Good blurs the line between reality and dreams

Phillip Good
Phillip Good

Phillip Good continues to reap greatness through his latest single 'Wake Me Up'! Hailing from the United States, Cincinnati, Philip Good is a national touring artist who holds a record of 4 back to back songs hitting iTunes 'top 100'. Deriving his sole inferences from country, rnb and hip-hop, Phillip Good spills the feeling of nostalgia and grief through this latest single.

In the context of the song, those alarm clocks in begive goosebumpsreate a ripple effect over the entire piece.

'Wake Me Up' is a ballad about losing the love of your life. It is about wishing it was a dream to wake up one day. You want to go back in time to relive the moments you had together, but you know you can't. You hope that one day you will find someone else who can make you feel the same way they did. You miss them so much, it feels like a dream that you can't wake up from. From the lyrical content to the melodious beats, Phillip Good's 'Wake Me Up' is a must-listen for everyone. The single is an ode to the power of music and how it can evoke strong emotions and memories. It is a reminder of the importance of cherishing and celebrating life.

Test the melody down here -



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