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Vocal Vignettes: Sonic Sentiments of 'Colin Stauber Live At Coke Studio'

Colin Stauber is back with heartfelt notions of realism that feel like a dream, via his live versions of his releases at Coke Studio! Based in Los Angeles, CA, Colin is set to resonate throughout the world with his distinctly soft sonic ambres. Having teamed up with Coke Studio for an unparalleled musical endeavour. Known for his dynamic aura across a plethora of prestigious platforms such as Red Bull, MTV, LA Weekly, Music Times and many more, his sound aligns his mission to impact the world with his unhinged vinyl poetic verses. let's witness the surreal allures of his sound!

Colin Stauber
Colin Stauber

With light-hearted soulful guitar verses and poignant soul-stirring lyrical carousels, this feels like a memoir of an everlasting love.

We begin this enchanting escape with the rose-coloured glasses of hope and everlasting love with 'Fall'. This is a mesmerising release in which the artist talks about he's hopeful to stand by, and wouldn't let the bond break apart. The next track is a moment of gratitude and nostalgia, where all one is left with deep breaths and sighs, yet it's important to be thankful for the sunshine and moonlights, and the life we've all got. This is a pacifying, feel-good number that will make you go through a prolonged wave of memories.

Acoustics extenuate a sombre breeze of humbleness with the dreamscapes of 'Nature'. This is calming, addictive and reflective of the surreal positivity and serotonin the artist feels in the embrace of mother nature, where it almost feels like mother cherishes him and extends her arms for a hug. 'Motions', a delightful resurrection of the beach, expresses the similar sense of gratitude we saw before but in a sea landscape. Here the artist also spreads the message that although we are evolving and things are changing, the changes are happening for the betterment, so it's essential to go with the flow.

A continuation of the previous tropical spark, 'Coast' makes one elope in an immaculate sense of yearning, where the artist expresses how they miss them to an extent that they can feel their ghost with them. This is more depth than you think it does. The artist is seen spinning between past and present, it's almost like their presence was a ray of hope for them.

'I'll Be There' is a melody that simply expresses how they yearn endlessly to be there for them, despite the highs and lows. We observe a deeper sense of love that breaks the mould of the ordinary. In the next track, Collin metaphorically compares her to the beauty of the horizon, signalling how her presence is a sunset on a beautiful horizon. Oh, how he despicably wishes in this setting that they have all the time of the world. There's a sense of undying hope, wanting to intertwine and become one.

Last but not least, 'Spirit' makes you unleash the strength to do impeccably, and highlights how it is always within you. 'High' makes you want to shed tears, as Collin expresses how he wishes to hold his head up high for her despite the flaws their band saw. The part where he mentions how even heaven knows that he's tried for things to work out is so precious to hear as a third person, it'll pour your heart with empathy. I think this is a moment of treasure and a word from the heart that will soothe your soul.

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