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Vlad by Kelsie Kimberlin will surely touch the deepest parts of your heart!

Kelsie Kimberlin is an artist who creates tracks with a purpose, purpose of changing this horrid world. Her tracks shed light on some deep, untouched topics that need addressing. The way this artist creates such intricate compositions is pretty impressive. Her discography is a vivid display of her raveling artistry. Her deep yet relatable lyricism is what sets this artist apart from the other artists out there. She is an artist who will have you consciously thinking about society and it's values. Do give this amazing artist a go! This is a discography that you will have hooked for days to come.

Kelsie Kimberlin
Kelsie Kimberlin
"Kelsie Kimberlin is without doubt, the most relavent artist of this decade!"

I recently came across this track named 'Vlad' from Kelsie's discography which is named after Vlad Dracul who was known for the terror that he spread across the globe. His unjust rulings resulted in war with Ukraine and resulted in thousands of deaths, millions of displaced Ukrainians, and the systematic rape and torture of innocent civilians. The way Kelsie paints vivid pictures with mere words in this track is spellbinding!

The track 'Vlad' will surely give you goosebumps. Each word describes the terrors faced by the people of Ukraine so well that you'll feel your stomach turning up. The drums are impactful and complement the vocals beautifully. The guitars are strong yet let the vocals take center stage. You should listen to this track for sure if you like to listen to music that is expressive and filled with emotions.

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