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Vintage Valentine: Retro Hearts & Rock Romance Sparks in Gary Dranow's 'Shimmering'!

Unlock the epic tales of brewing love via Gary Dranow's latest musical release, 'Shimmering'! Gary, who hails from Park City, US, is part of a collaborative called 'Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions', where Gary is on the guitar, Chris Zoupa is on the guitar and vocals and Jason Jones is on the drums and coals. Where Jason and Chris are part of their side bands and have progressive rock influences, Gary's musical inferences mainly comprise Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Stevie Vaughan, and the old blues Harp players from the 40s-60s time frame. As someone who's releasing singles back to back, witness the golden artistry of Gary!

Gary Dranow
Gary Dranow

An 80s rock breeze that is fuelled with the thematically luring nostalgia, this is a romantic escape that all of us seek.

Gary, with all his might, speaks volumes about being mesmerised by the enchantress that he's devastated to part ways from, commonly depicted as 'Shimmering' in the song. From the way this track serves as a narrative for the beginning and end of their short-lived love story, to him being riled up about how enticed he always was about her from the start is truly adorable. Infusing retrograde rock that almost levitates us with its magnificent ways, Gary talks about his high school sweetheart whom he still misses and is reminded of, and informs the audience of how irreplaceable her spot in his heart is. Garry even remembers the minute details, from the incidents of him meeting her for the first time, the colour of her eyes to the despicable ways of her that he still admires, and isn't still ready to change his mind about. It is almost surreal how he describes that his broken heart from their parting ways still pounds for her. He describes how almost irritable and cruel it is for him to survive without her. We all hope this track reaches the enchantress herself, loads and loads of power and support to you Garry! What an incredibly cute song!

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