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Velvet Vibrations and Dreamy Desires of D Watkins' 'Slow Wine'

D. Watkins is back with another mellow symphony in the genre of R&B with his brand new release 'Slow Wine'! Embodying modern pop with elements of Afrobeat, signature R&B and hip-hop, this is a marvelous fusion that is full of depth and richness, as Watkins maintains a sense of rawness and class in his sound. As someone true to his vision of carving pure artistic marvels from his sound, Watkins refuses to conform to the superficial standards of the current music scene and stands apart with his beautiful symphony. Let's give a listen to his latest melody! 

D Watkins
D Watkins

A sensually moving track that seems to glide smoothly on your ears, D. Watkins' voice feels like an amalgamation of voices of icons like The Weekend and Drake, and is super groovy and addictive to hear!

We start with the luxurious appeal of Watkins having a fiesta at his place, telling us to lose control. This channels the energy of the predominant pop era of 2018-19. Then we arrive at the groovy chorus of the song, where the line 'Slow Wine for me' is bound to make you groove. The video of the song is super cute, where Watkins is telling us how infatuated he is with her beauty and allure, and is willing to do anything for her. This is a very fun and enjoyable tune, with a rich and calm beat that will be hooked in your head for a while. Overall, I think it's a must-listen.

Test this erotic melody down below -

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