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Veiled in Funk: Decoding the Planetary Pulses of Greg Hoy & The Boys' 'Holy Mother of God'

Greg Hoy & The Boys are here to defy genre boundaries with their spunky classic rock release 'Holy Mother Of God' and this will stick onto you! Directed by Carissa Johnson, this is a beautiful portrayal of a nun, plated by Ashley Wooley, who serves as a delightful sight to depict the unforeseeable truths of the video. Drawing their name from the lyrics of the title track of Genesis' 1976 album, their sound is very refreshing and adds a glare of surreal imagery and creativity to ordinary rock. Let's witness the wrath of their debut release!

Cover Art of Greg Hoy &  The Boys' 'Holy Mother of God'
Cover Art of Greg Hoy & The Boys' 'Holy Mother of God'

Pulsating between levels of sanity and ethics, this is beyond ordinary magnificent and feels like a satire on the glorified worship styles of the almighty.

The video starts with the visions of a nun wandering around the landscapes of realism trying to find the meaning, the essence behind reality. It seems as though she was wrapped in a bubble of a sacred and devoted life that she forgot how to live and feel. A personification of Mother Earth mourning the loss of her inhabitants, she's seen fluctuating ruthlessly between shades of red and sad, trying to decipher the purpose of her existence. Then as soon as she reconciles with members of Greg Hoy & the boys, she's handed over a guitar and she finally begins to enjoy her life in full swing. This is an exceptionally groovy and flavorful track that will leave you in awe. The video is truly a sight to see and one will relish every second of it.

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