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Upbeat Emo-Rock Inhilations of Heavy on the heart's 'It is You That Has To Think'

Heavy on the heart returns to the music scene with the release of their latest EP,' It is You That Has To Think'! A commemorative of talents like Nikki Brandy on the vocals, Costas Themistocleous on the guitar, Nick Kolokathis on the drums and Andrew Nicolae on the bass, this is a vision that came to life in the summer of 2021. Deriving their musical inferences from icons like the Third Eye Blind, Blink-182, Hot Mulligan, Paramore, No Doubt, and Foo Fighters to name a few, the band has also made an appearance on the FM, Internet and Satellite radio all over the world with their debut single,' Mr. Know It All!' The world is so not ready to witness the wrath of this creative force in rock!

Heavy on the heart
Heavy on the heart

A widely felt moment of hysteria infused into the alchemy of pure rock and its variations, this EP is a moment of truth.

We begin these thought-provoking rock ensembles with 'Better Now'. A track capturing the emo punk angst and frustration perfectly by subliming deep into the dilemma that was once felt versus the epitome of satisfaction and relief the person feels by accepting the consequences of fate and admitting to them, by even mentioning that it should've been something they should've done a long time ago. Then we arrive at the rusty funks of 'Toe to Toe'. An element of hard metal and punk moment, this track captures the riling up of emotions when we're forced to let go of something we've always kept close to our hearts. If you're a fan of 'WTF Do I Know' by Miley Cyrus, you;ll fall in love with this track.

The mood of the EP completely shapeshifts at the romantic rock reveries of 'Catch Me If I Fall'. A somewhat radiant shade of rock, this track feels like the perfect track to keep listening to whilst one proceeds with the rest of their day. A track that is versatile enough into a multitude of set-ups, this is a rock hailstorm at its peak. Then we dwell even deeper into the layers of soft rock with 'Wasting'. This portrays the thought process of the one who suffers, most commonly under the circumstance of a one-sided love, this feels like the thud of a long-kept ray of lightning, that is finally bashing out loud upon the world.

Last but not least, we close this track compilation with 'Villians. This feels like the epitome of self-reflection, where we're made aware that one is their own worst villain, and that more than the world, we commit actions and felonies to harm ourselves more than anybody else, we let ourselves down by clinging to worldly ideas and situations.

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