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Unveiling the Magic: Tropic's 'Missing U' and the Power of Synth-Pop


Brace yourselves for the arrival of a dreamy love revival, Tropic's latest release, 'Missing U'! Introducing Tropic, a joint effort of R&B singer/songwriter Joe Sebastian and the highly talented electronic producer & DJ, Phuse. An avant-garde vision of music, Tropic is an ironic yet colourful blend of futuristic beats & nostalgic throwbacks. Striving for greatness in the year 2023, their lead single 'Wildest Dreams' has earned them a spot on Spotify's New Music Friday playlists in over ten countries! With many such laps won over, Tropic is evidently rising as a top musical force, with its musical channel reaching over 1.4 million subscribers! Undoubtedly a brewing sensational duo, get in the groove to experience the cooking brilliance of the Tropic!

'Missing U' is indeed a vibrant portrayal of Lofi's synth-pop elements, that feels like a mystical journey through an emotional bond.

A track that feels like a dreamy outbreak of emotions, this amplifies along the lines of synth-pop and is an epic emotional narration that peeps through the barricades, yearning for well-deserved love. It is also a beautiful commemoration of one's feelings in the most authentic way possible. Not only this the track also comprises surprising elements of jazz and pop-beat, making it not just soul-stirring but also an irresistible beat to groove around for listeners!

Test this enchanting melody down below -




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