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Unveiling "Flux", Shockpowder's Ode to Dynamic Transitions

Shockpowder, led by the visionary Joshua Scurfield, stands as a captivating force in the realm of music, particularly within the shoegaze and post-metal genres. Founded in 2015, Shockpowder draws inspiration from the ethereal sounds of post-rock, the atmospheric vibes of shoegaze, and the intense dynamics of metal bands like God is an Astronaut, Alcest, and Slowdive.

The essence of Shockpowder's sonic identity can be described as "metalgazing," a unique fusion that seamlessly blends the raw power of metal with the dreamy expansiveness of shoegaze. This amalgamation creates a distinct sonic universe, a testament to Scurfield's creative prowess.

Exploring the unpredictable with Shockpowder's "Flux" which is a one-man orchestra.

Described as neither joyous nor melancholic, the track, “Flux” serves as an ode to the perpetual ebb and flow of everyday existence. It encapsulates the essence of constant change, offering a reflective and unpredictable sonic experience that transcends traditional emotions.

Reviews of Shockpowder's body of work consistently highlight the project's remarkable ability to deliver a massive sound despite being a one-person endeavour. This accomplishment speaks volumes about Joshua Scurfield's exceptional talent and underscores the immersive sonic landscapes he crafts.

As Shockpowder continues to explore the delicate balance between metal and shoegaze, the project maintains its status as a captivating force, carving out a distinctive niche in the expansive world of music.

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