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Unravelling 'Frayed': The Kaleidoscopic Linguistics of Jane Allison's Artistic Realm

Jane Allison
Jane Allison

Jane Allison, a multifaceted Welsh enigma, masterfully traverses the realms of music, acting, and writing. Her musical landscape is boundless, as she fearlessly fuses electric folk, pop, country, and Americana—conjuring the nostalgic essence of the late 60s with a contemporary twist. Her captivating voice, likened to "scrubstone-denim and mulberry wine," enchants all who lend their ears. Beyond her melodious escapades, Jane enthrals on screen with her side-splitting wit. You may recognize her as GCHQ's adorkable cryptanalyst Mary Needham from the TV comedy Intelligence. Meanwhile, her spellbinding writing delves into sombre themes of death, illness, and human connections—illuminated by a touch of surreal imagination and gallows humour through her dynamic collaboration with the renowned Julia Davis.

Jane Allison - a whirlwind of creativity that dares to embrace darkness while chasing the light, igniting hearts and minds with her immense talent and leaving an everlasting impression wherever she treads.

In her single 'Frayed', Jane Allison presents a captivating tale of overcoming deception and treachery, be it in love, war, or daily life's secrecy. It's a smoky torch song with an empowering twist—an anthem for our era that battles the clichéd "sad songs of love." Enhanced by emotionally-rich vocals and uplifting melodies, this tune emboldens us to seize the torch and fearlessly lead in these dark times. Embrace your inner Joan of Arc and march to your unique beat as Jane Allison blazes a trail into a self-crafted future.

Test the melody down below -



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