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Unearthing the Depths of 'Deep Inside': A Musical Odyssey


Australian singer-songwriter LokkisKott has unleashed a poignant and raw new single titled "Deep Inside," a haunting melody intertwining acoustic guitar layers with profound alternative and gothic influences. LokkisKott's distinctive vocals, reminiscent of icons like Chester Bennington and Corey Taylor in their melodic moments, pierce through with deeply confessional lyrics. The artist's enigmatic moniker, derived from a fusion of his first and middle names, Lachie and Scott, holds a sentimental connection to his past—a symbolic nod to his inner child's refuge in his baby cot. Hailing from Goulburn, New South Wales, LokkisKott, helmed by the versatile musician Lachie Alford, draws inspiration from cinema, theater, storytelling, and life experiences to craft his emotionally charged songs. In essence, this project embodies Alford's personal philosophy, urging us to embrace our passions without regret and follow the path that ignites our inner fire.

Deep Inside is not just music; it's an emotion waiting to evolve. Our journey has only just begun.

"Deep Inside" is not just a composition but an auditory experience crafted with a singular vision - to evoke a sense of awe in the listener. Every note, every silence, and every crescendo has been meticulously placed to ensure that the audience doesn't just hear, but feels the music deep within. The creator envisioned something unparalleled in its power and uniqueness. Yet, intriguingly, it doesn't rest on its laurels. The piece carries within its melodies and rhythms an innate promise of evolution. It seems to suggest that as mesmerizing as it currently is, there is still untapped potential waiting to be explored. This is the beauty of "Deep Inside": it doesn't just captivate; it inspires. The passion and fervor driving this masterpiece is palpable, as if the flames of its creation are just waiting for the next gust of inspiration to roar even brighter.

Test this soulful melody down below -



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