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Uncle Arthur & The Alley Cat's utterly sublime single My Darlin' Hates Me will leave you slack-jawed

Uncle Arthur & The Alley Cat
Uncle Arthur & The Alley Cat

Uncle Arthur & The Alley Cat are an acoustic duo strumming, fingerpicking and singing their hearts from Cambridge, UK. With an intent on leaving the crowds astonished from their live performances, they are slowly working their way up, working on new material that they wish to release more of as this year progresses.

"Their fresh sound along with sheer brilliance when it comes to modulation in vocals and harmony of the instruments doles out a sound so refreshing, it leaves bountiful to look out for."

With their debut single "My Darlin' Hates Me", the duo have managed to put themselves out into the scene in a manner that it so astounding that it leaves the listener wondering if this really is their debut single after all. The combination of both the musicians sounds as smooth as 'The kings of Convenience' or 'Simon and Garfunkel' but with much cleaner and poppier sound.

They have really succeeded at bringing high energy to their works which leaves so much to be excited for in the future releases. Definitely give this one a listen if you are into songs which feature powerful vocals and beautiful slinky playing style.

Test this melody for yourself here -



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