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Triumph through the Turntables: Explore Classic Rock's Victory in Vinyl with Mad Painter's 'Empty Bottles'

Step into the summery spectacle of Mad Painter's 'Empty Bottles'! A vivacious collaborative comprising of Alex Gitlin - on keyboards, vocals Al Nahabedian on the guitar, Kenne Highland on bass, Al Hendry on drums and Julie Gee and Sharon Crumrine on the backing vocals, their vibe is mostly 1970s rock'n'roll, ranging from garage and proto-punk to early heavy metal and psychedelic rock, while also mixing British glam rock from the 70s. After gracing multiple venues with their charm, they are finally here to sprinkle their stardust with this new release! Let's dive right into it!

Mad Painter
Mad Painter

A magnetically sparkly rock track that discusses life's miseries in the most majestic manner possible, this is a metaphor for a thrill in life.

A poetic and reflective release about the epiphanies of the modern world, this is a tale of sunshine in the realms of the social hurricane we're going through. A world where its people are scared of each other, where standing close-knit is deemed as a threat, this shines bright as a beacon of hope and resilience. This is very subtle, vibrant and eclectic and feels like a fresh breeze that would entice the masses. With the lyrical playfulness in this track, every ounce of it sounds like pure bliss and a dreamy venture come to life! I find it very intriguing and so will the masses.

Test this glittery melody down below -

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