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Time-travelling with Carson Ferris's pragmatic 1999!

Carson Ferris
Carson Ferris

Get ready for a ferocious musical ensemble with the iconic Carson Ferris's latest single,'1999'! A musical prodigy who's won our hearts before with his infectious single 'Crazy', this Provo-based whizzkid is literally the definition of a living legend. As a 13-year-old who once called it quits with his musical career, he finally returns with a nostalgia-infused beat that is surely here to stay! Driving influences from the divine and sensational Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, N-Sync and also from shows like Fresh Prince of Bel-Ar, he emerges as a refreshing time-traveller who's mentally and artistically way ahead of the kids in his time! With his singles getting published on Editorial Spotify, and performing in front of millions, Carson is emerging as a pragmatic star, and we're rooting for him!

Channelling nostalgic butterflies of the 90s but with a hint of his own pop-rock charm, Carson's 1999 is not just a track, but an entire headspace that none of us wants to elope from!

'1999', a track that impeccably revives the glimmers and cosy sparkles of the 90s, is a friendly reminder to Carson's friends of his true mental headspace, as his artistry heavily draws its influence and power from this era. Quite frankly, none of us has yet or will ever be able to escape the stardom and the soothing dance numbers of that time. It acts like a windowpane that all of us can peep through in order to experience the golden era of the 90s, a surreal timeline of new emerging technologies and the time of landlines and e-mails, it is truly a time of simplicity all of us want to secretly advent into! Not a 90s kid? Worry no more as 1999 is the most apt time capsule you could ever levitate in!

Test this levitating melody down below -

Carson Ferris
Carson Ferris



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