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Thunderous Clapback: Hard Rock's Battle Cry Against Haters with Love Ghost's 'Do You Like Me Now'

Love Ghost is back with yet another electrifying release 'Do You Like Me Now'! Returning with a newfound metal punch, this is a blast at the guts of haters who wish to destroy the artist's ethos. Gaining massive amounts of critical fame from iconic platforms like the Rolling Stones, FLAUNT, Lyrical Lemonade and many more and also having played at multiple gracious venues, this is just the start for Love Ghost's prime. Produced by the creative Mike Summers who has also notably worked with Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne and many more icons, this is a blast of pure anger and passion and is truly s treat to the ears!

Love Ghost and Cinnamon Bae
Love Ghost and Cinnamon Bae

Channeling immense angst, rage and paranoia, this is a lovestruck dystopia that is too cool to be true!

Love Ghost returns to the masses with an amplified sense of emotional distortion with 'Do You Like Me Now'. In collaboration with Cinnamon Babe, this is a dope infuriated banger that feels like a burst of emotional angst. This soul-stirring lyrical landscapes, this heavy metal symphony is ferociously spooky, criminal, and carries a spiking sense of punk that only escalates through the rest of the world. A wistful urge to fight back, it can also be interpreted as a response to the ruthlessness of the world. An addictive and thunderous hard rock symphony, this is by far Love Ghost's most spectacular rage anthem and we stan it and so will you!

Test this electrifying melody down below -

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