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Through the Lens of Music: Nathan Irving's Mesmerizing 'Optics

Nathan Irving
Nathan Irving

Emerging from the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, Nathan Irving is that striking artistic soul born from the renowned collaboration, The Sleeping Lion. With an unwavering spirit of patience and determination, Nathan has crafted a distinctive place for himself with his latest masterpiece, 'Optics'! His music has been praised for its ability to transport listeners into a world of emotion and beauty. Nathan's sound is a unique blend of soulful melodies, dynamic beats and powerful lyrics. He continues to inspire listeners around the world with his music.

Like a soothing lullaby, 'Optics' mesmerizes with its gentle, pacifying vocals, seamlessly intertwining with the elegant grace of piano notes. The song instils in listeners a rejuvenating breath of fresh air in an otherwise monotonous world.

"Optics," the captivating new single from Nathan Irving (of Sleeping Lion), delves deep into the complexities of growing up in an era where everything is commoditized and constantly showcased. Written during a tumultuous period, this introspective tune examines the intricate emotions we experience as we observe each other through various lenses. Its poignant message serves as a reminder that it's perfectly normal to struggle during challenging times. Don't dwell on negative self-talk; instead, simply show up and let your authentic self shine through these difficult moments. By comforting lyrics 'Here's your trophy for showing up' encompasses a sense of relief and warmth that everyone deserves to feel. Embrace the messiness of life, and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Take the time to appreciate your growth and reflect on the lessons you've learned. Allow yourself to be open to the beauty of the present moment.

Test this soul-stirring melody down below -



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