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Thrones of Thunder: Decoding the Voltage Veneration of The Almas's 'The Crown'

The Almas just dropped their exhilarating new release and this one would ignite passion in you! Hailing from New Munster, Wisconsin, The Almas is a hard rock national recording commemorative known for their high-energy tunes and road dog attitude performances. Comprising of Crystal Teigland on the lead vocals, Josh Sukowski on the guitar, Andrew Ehredt on the drums and Frank Slifka as the founding member of the band, they aim to rejuvenate the realms of Rock n'Roll with a modern twist! With over 39,000 miles of artistic coverage and more than 100 shows in the country, they're truly a force to be reckoned with. Witness the wrath of The Almas on this brand-new release!

The Almas
The Almas

With an electrifying rage and boost of power, 'The Crowns' feels like a rush of adrenaline down the spine of listeners.

A slam down to all the haters, this is an outrageous response to all the haters and the people who wish for you to stay below them. This is very energizing, especially with its pumping electric guitar verses and poignant lyrical landscapes. Thunderous outlash to all those who try to fight you down, this is a passionate moment of resilience and displays an array of emotions like liberty, angst, boldness and wisdom. This is also a surreal moment of self-reflection and an anthem for standing up for yourself and doing the right thing. 'The Crowns' is indeed a crown of confidence you'd want to wear on your head and is a must-listen.

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