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This could become your new soft-rock jam: "Better Than Here" by Miles East

Miles East is a New York City-based artist who is known for his eclectic blend of melodic pop-rock and singer-songwriter capabilities. Singer-Songwriter unveils his new lead single and teases his audience for his album "Between Thunder and Lightening" which is the second studio album.

Miles East
Better than here, better than now by Miles East is here to set you up on a voyage through the dark waters of a relationship in crisis.

Better than here, according to Miles East is a release that is "an ode to the boldness of buoyancy and hope, and to the promises we make to those we love when weathering dark forces." This is a great move, with the track serving as a curtain-raiser for what's to come.

This transformative voyage of Better than Here led by Miles East and his collaborators has produced a piece that serves as a lifeboat and a lighthouse both guiding the listeners to dark waters through emotional turbulence. So, sit back as we anticipate the full release of "Between Lightening and Thunder," showing the listeners a way to navigate the sea in the human avatar.

Test the melody down here-

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