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'There Is Always a Dawn': A harmony of hope shining the spotlight on reality.

Joining each other's team, Somerset musicians, Sara Vian with her powerful, influencing vocals, and Pete Vincent, an astonishingly talented multi-instrumentalist, have formed together a greatly promising duo project, Judas Goat & The Bellwether. The duo crafts magical, boldly inspiring folk-rock/indie-rock/rock songs to express their emotions and concerns about universal problems in the modern world. Their melodies are exceptionally gallant because of Sara's confident vocals.

Judas Goat & The Bellwether
Judas Goat & The Bellwether
'There Is Always a Dawn' is a creation of concern, where a tint of hopefulness faintly makes its way amongst the dark reality of modern-day slavery.

Drawing influences from the “the dark satanic mills” in William Blake’s Jerusalem poem, Judas Goat & The Bellwether's 'There Is Always a Dawn' circles around the difficulties of the industrial world, mainly about the fossil fuel issue that has become a major contributor of global climate changes by releasing too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The profanity is conveyed flawlessly and the instrumental support by Vincent adds a great texture to the dynamic soundscape of the track.

Take this melody for a spin down here:

Discover more melodies like this:



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