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The connecting dot's “In the Arms of a Stranger” is gonna be a complete replenishment to your ears!

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the connecting dots

The Connecting Dots is a melody-loving and song-oriented alternative pop/rock band based in Stockholm, Sweden. Led by singer Helena Sundstrom and her musical partner Johan Borg. With their assorted musical influences, they're leading their way on this journey of making their name in this industry. They've also signed a deal with a London-based sync company OML, providing music for commercials as well as Netflix and other tv companies.

This electronic melody has a true pop composition with perfect vocals and all the other classic components to pull you into the pool of emotions and ecstasy.

The omnipresent style of presenting in the track “In the Arms of a Stranger” will make your soul float and mind flee from all the things around you, and teleport you to a different dimension. With a laid-back verse, a strong chorus, a guitar solo, and an outro sounds like a flawless fusion that put together a great impact on our ears. This song is probably dedicated to all the one-sided lovers who are waiting eagerly for someone to flip the switch of love in their lives, even just for an instance. Must try this overwhelming track on a sweet summer night, and keep in mind that you are not alone after all.

listen to this rhetoric tune here-

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1 Comment

Oct 21, 2023

The Connecting Dots "In The Arms Of A Stranger" - beautiful music video:

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