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The Summery Sweet Energy of Mandy Slate's 'Like I Do'

Mandy Slate
Mandy Slate

Mandy Slate establishes herself as the most evident rising face of synth-pop with the release of her latest, 'Like I Do'! Hailing from the magical lands of Los Angeles, she is a pop singer-songwriter who initially came to the point where she is now by harmonising in her college theatre groups and acapella. Soon, Mandy would begin writing poetry and essays too, and polishing herself simultaneously in the areas of lyricism and bringing in the elements of emotions in music. Thus, this LA-based pop maestro is indeed the dream pop star every little girl aims to become! Combining all her talents, she recorded her first single, Mandy has been constantly winning hearts since her debut single "Love Blind," in 2021.

A nostalgic wind reminiscent of the sweet electropop era of the 2016s and 17s, this is a sweet sonic serenade that you cannot just get enough of!

In the track, Mandy glances down memory lane of the rad moments she spent with her love interest, and further addresses how these moments are nothing but mere timestamps now, that she can only return to in her dreams, now that the love interest has moved on. Further amplifying on her pure intentions, Mandy states how she always wishes their dreams to come true, perhaps how she indeed wants them to do well in their lives, even though well aware of the fact that she might not resonate with someone this much ever again. With the lines “I hope that you found somebody who loves you/Who loves you as I do", she prays the god to even gift them someone like her, who's love might know no bounds. The dreamy feel in the track is backed by the synth-heavy electropop production, rhythmic vocals and sultry lyricism, becoming perfect for parties, beach drives, and bittersweet sendoffs like graduations.

Give this melody a try down here -



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