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The Same Mistakes Again by Eric Alexandrakis Is As Comforting As The Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Nominated for Grammy’s twice; Eric Alexandrakis is an extremely creative musician from Greece. Making heartfelt music comes in naturally for Eric and his lyrics resonate when you are looking for a story that is vulnerable and brave enough to relate to. This two-time cancer survivor sets an example of excellence regardless of his life problems. He is doing justice to the country music genre with his pieces.

Eric Alexandrakis
The Same Mistakes Again by Eric Alexandrakis is a Soul-stirring Reflection Of Human Experiences. The song will surely make you deeply feel the artist’s expression.

The Same Mistakes Again by Eric Alexandrakis starts off with a good musical guitar string piece. It makes one feel regret and love at the same time with its lyrics. It helps the listeners relate to and feel the weight of past decisions, making it an emotional realm. It's like drawing us into a deep and melancholic feeling. It's very raw and poetic at the same time. It helps one to feel that raw emotion. What sets it apart is its raw vulnerability in the lyrics and the classical sound. It's almost like a song played in a movie where the scene is like one realises and self-reflects about oneself while staying at home or in a warm place like home and drizzling outside thinking about the past. It's like we find familiar patterns about ourselves or the way we've done things relating to the past when we see ourselves in a cycle that keeps repeating.

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