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The Hypnotic Beats of ZEMBL's 'A Secret Prince'


ZEMBL, the progressive Lo-Fi artist, recently launched his new single, 'a secret prince,' from his forthcoming album, Judas II. Attention music enthusiasts! Add something fresh to your playlists with 'A Secret Prince' by ZEMBL. With 18 years of experience, Netherland -based ZEMBL's latest single showcases his musical talent. Ideal for work, relaxation, or pure enjoyment, 'a secret Prince' suits any mood. Mark your calendars and prepare to explore Judas II through 'a secret prince.'

'A Secret Prince' is a captivating progressive lo-fi track with a rich soundscape and airy tunes, perfect for soundtracks or chill-out playlists.

Judas II is a concept album resembling a video game OST from another dimension. Each track narrates a distinct story, offering a sense of adventure. 'A Secret Prince' is the first preview that initiates an immersive journey through Judas II's world. Perfect for fans of chill-out music, storytelling, and imagination, this album showcases the beauty of progressive Lo-Fi music. 'A Secret Prince' is the ideal starting point to explore this enchanting realm. Give it a listen!

Test the melody down here -



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