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The Gentle Prairie Serenade of Ray Johnson's 'Groove'

Ray Johnson
Ray Johnson

Ray Johnson embarked on a melodic journey at the tender age of 6, harmonizing with the school choir. By the time he reached 12, he plucked his first strings on an acoustic guitar. In high school, his voice echoed through the halls as he played the guitar and formed his inaugural cover band. College propelled his talents to new heights, refining his skills and paving the way for a triumphant solo career as an acoustic virtuoso. The allure of songwriting beckoned him, leading to the formation of Saldo Kreek, a band that released two albums to resounding success in the world of music. Presently, as a singer-songwriter, music producer, and proud owner of "Soon To Be Famous Publishing LLC," Ray continues to weave musical spells that captivate listeners. Be sure to immerse yourself in his latest opus, "2020," and let yourself be enraptured by the enchanting opulence of his single "Feelings Thru The Mail," a sonic masterpiece destined to enthral your senses.

This song teleports you to a subtle sea of ongoing shores, perhaps a mystery land away from the enchanting allures of the world mankind is aware of.

'Groove' is Ray Johnson's attempt at asking his listeners to breathe, to time a moment of calm and serenity to just rewind and escape the man-made worldly hassles. With the pacifying reverberations of piano and slow guitar, Ray is addressing to his love interest in this soulful track. He's asking his love to take a break from the world and just focus on the two of them. He wants to be the one who can take away her worries and provide her with the peace she needs. Ray is singing about his commitment to her, that no matter what, he will always be there for her and will make her feel safe. He wants to show his love in a way that transcends language, through music. He wants to create a space for her to feel secure and happy.

Test the melody down below -

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