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The Feels - I'm Not That Guy: Get Ready To Groove Your Way into a Nostalgic Trip

From the heart of Long Island, New York, emerges The Feels, a dynamic duo injecting fresh and electrifying vibes into the pop music scene. Composed of Danny Ayala and Andy Ballereua, The Feels combines Danny's captivating vocals and star power, honed through his time with the rock band The Lemon Twigs, with Andy's masterful production style, brimming with swagger and sophistication. Their musical inspirations span across the likes of The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, and Michael Jackson, creating a unique blend of funk, pop, and soul that's both familiar and excitingly contemporary.

The Feels are back and they're bringing the with their new single "I'm Not That Guy"! Get ready to groove to their infectious beats and catchy hooks

This infectious track is a sonic journey of self-discovery, filled with catchy hooks, dazzling synthesizers, and sleek guitar riffs that define The Feels' signature sound. The lyrics explore themes of identity, defying expectations, and embracing your true self. The guitar riffs add a touch of rock and roll grit, creating an irresistible sonic landscape for Danny's vocals to soar."I'm Not That Guy" is more than just a song; it's a movement. It's a call to embrace your individuality and break free from societal expectations. It's a reminder that you are enough, just the way you are.

Conclusion- So whether you're looking for a song to dance the night away to or one that will inspire you to be your authentic self, "I'm Not That Guy" is the perfect pick. Turn up the volume, let your worries fade away, and get ready to feel the groove!

Test the melody that would make you believe that it is straight from the 90s down here-

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