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The cacophony of Closure: Pop's Unhinged Hymn of Heartbreak and Healing with JEANNA-SIS's 'FRENEMY'

JEANNA-SIS returns to the music scene with the melancholic embraces of her latest release, 'Frenemy'. The tour-de-force rapper based in Germany, JEANNA SIS, is an artistic advocate who voices distinctive mental health issues, conditions, crises, etc. This release is the third track on her forthcoming album, which talks about the devastating truths of humanity in the most humble manner possible. Let's explore the melodic marvels of JEANNA-SIS's voice. Let's deep dive into the comforting yet painful melodies of JEANNA-SIS!


A painful track, 'Frenemy' touches upon the delicate issues of mental health and feels like a painful cry for endless longing for togetherness and friendship.

A testament to heart-wrenching symphonies and unhinged lyrics, 'Frenemy' explores twisted themes of friendship and how regardless of the culture, 'Frenemies' are no exception. Dedicated to her first boyfriend, this emotional ballad is a retrospective of their precious memories together that still beckons her to be with him. Quite direct, full of pure and truthful narratives from Jeanne's rap verse and distinctive piano backdrops, this track odes to numb the sad realisation of yearning to spend some more time together. Overall, if you're looking for a song to ball your eyes out to, this undoubtedly is the one.

Test this soul-stirring melody down below -

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