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The alluring sentimental charm of Simesky+Fritch's "Colour Running Away"


Simesky+Fritch are a Synth wave duo who absolutely sequester the idea of the existence of a boundary in terms of musical harmony due to the physical distance between the two collaborators. Both of them reside in Belgium and Wales respectively, exuberating their appreciation for the 80's sound and with multiple successful projects to their name, they have garnered a cult following over the past year.

"The duo have managed to find the perfect blend between experimentation and leaving a mark with their catchy lyrics."

Their new track "Colour running away" begins boldly, instantly sinking the audience into the story that is to be unfolded. With great smoothness the vocals dip in, painting a scene, more so asking a question as a photo is dug out from a drawer. The photo, bleached and worn out due to almost being kept there for a century, is of the questioner's grandparents seen along with his parents. As he takes a stroll along the streets of Cardiff, he is reminded of that faded and bleached photograph after he sees a photobooth nearby. This then forces us to linger over what element of a photograph being taken lasts the longest? The actual photo, how it makes us feel or the moment itself? As the lyrics play out, "Just the fraction of the second remains", the confusion truly takes the listener into a deep trance, as the vocals which Simesky+Fritch treat almost like another instrument provides a sort of atmospheric texture to the track. The clean yet dirty on the edges approach to the instrumental adds even more to the sentimental value of this track and does a brilliant job at embedding itself into the listener's ears.

Do give this track a chance if you're into the sound of the 80's and enjoy listening to the projects of the likes of The Cure, Talking Heads, Visage and Tears for Fears. With such inventive sounding tracks already under their belt, this duo shows great promise especially with "colour running away".

Test this melody for yourself here -



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