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Tear-Stained Sonnets: Dramatic Discords of Emo Rock in Love Ghost's 'The Speed of Dreaming'

Emerging as a ray of hope in the pop scene, Love Ghost returns to the masses with his latest fiasco, 'The Speed of Dreaming'! Gaining recognition from renounced names like Rolling Stone, American Songwriter, FLAUNT and many more, Love Ghost is becoming a household name in the realm of emo-rock and has also performed live for audiences around Europe. Love Ghost has also shared the stage with megastars, like Rico Nasty, Adan Cruz, Tankurt Manas and many more. This being the first venture of 2024, presents Love Ghost in a way never done before, and is a masterpiece in disguise.

Love Ghost
Love Ghost

Tormented ballads encompassing torture, agony, pain, fear and all those emotions we refuse to go through, this feels like a pure work of art.

We begin this four-track album with the rock revivals of 'Be Not Afraid'. A track full of emotion-driven lyrics, escalating beatscapes and dramatic synths, this, despite being a love ballad, is a rush of adrenaline. It feels like a mental reboot, as Love Ghost yearns to seek a ray of connection with his potential other, explaining the mess is making me drown in the depth of nostalgia and endless longing. The next track, 'ESPEJO' is a moment of truth and sounds like a slowed-down version of the longing we saw in the first track. If you're a fan of XXXtentacion, you'll fall in love with this track's dual-lingual lyrics and pacifying beats. It throws light on the unhinged narratives of the artist's mental health and ends on the lofi slow-pitched beat.

'Luna Azul' the next track is yet another emo-rock venture with a unique threshold of Spanish Guitar influences. Luna Azul, which means blue moon feels like a dystopian talk through decoding the teenage paranoia that almost everyone has faced. 'WALLFLOWER', is a slow-paced acoustic symphony that deeply captures the pain, struggle and clouded arrays of emotions inside someone's head as they experience love.

Test this emotive tune-compilation down below -

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