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T-FINNY's Melodic Blaze: Igniting Summer with 'After Party'


Prepare for a spellbinding musical adventure with T-FINNY, the multi-genre maestro you never knew you needed. Inspired by diverse artists, T-FINNY blends genres into a mesmerizing melody feast that leaves your senses ablaze. Returning from a soul-searching two-year break, this New Jersey prodigy is back and stronger than ever. His records narrate his extraordinary journey from elite athlete to fearless music pursuer. With a year spent refining creations during his final hockey days, T-FINNY's masterpieces are finally ready to captivate his ever-expanding fanbase and the world beyond. Buckle up for an unforgettable, boundary-breaking sonic ride with thought-provoking lyrics and soulful tunes as T-FINNY's genius unfolds—a breathtaking experience you won't want to miss.

A distinguished erotica penned down in the memoir of his one-time flame of the night, this track entices its listeners with a strong gush of serotonin, thereby weaving a strong tail of sensuality all along.

"After Party" sizzles as T-FINNY's tenth single, syncing perfectly with summer vibes. Radiating with a contagious beat that embodies sunshine, a delightful flow, and a memorable hook, this long-anticipated track elevates this musical maestro. Independent artist, producer, and singer-songwriter T-FINNY blessed us with the anthem we didn't know we needed—a story of infatuation and confidence with witty lyrics that paint an evanescent L.A. night and a thrilling romantic pursuit. Breaking free from the shadows, New Jersey's finest T-FINNY returns ravenous, delivering a mesmerizing sound in "After Party." Skillfully crafted by dynamic duo Tal Finberg and Timothy Coakley (the wizards behind "Sugar Pie") and polished to perfection by seasoned sensation Shane Lance ("Rinse Cycle Repeat," "Arizona Iced Tea," "Summertime Fake Fling"), this hit signals T-FINNY's dazzling comeback to centre stage.

Test this mesmerising melody down below -



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